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Ug cartoon project

 2.2 Education – Ug Cartoon
'Caring for our Planet with Ug’ began as an environmental education project and the cartoons are designed to convey environmental and climate change information in a visually appealing way.
Ug on...Polar Ice Caps
 Ug Cartoon - Biodiversity Hotspots
Learn about Biodiversity Hotpsots and the Succulent Karoo with Ug Cartoon, as seen in the Sunday Tribune, 27 February 2011
Ug Cartoon - Biodiversity Hotspot
 Ug Cartoon - Carbon Footprint
Calculate you carbon footprint with Ug Cartoon, as seen in the Sunday Tribune 6 Feb 2011
Ug Cartoon - Carbon Footprint
 Ug Cartoon - Carpooling
Learn how to reduce your carbon footprint by sharing lifts with your friends, like Ug does in the Sunday Tribune, 20 February 2011
Ug Cartoon - Carpooling
 Ug Cartoon - Conserving Fresh Water
Learn how to conserve your fresh water resources with Ug Cartoon, as seen in the Sunday Tribune 13 February 2011
Ug conserves fresh water by watering at night
 Ug Cartoon - Energy Saving Lightbulbs
Learn how to safe energy by changing to energy saving lightbulbs with Ug Cartoon, as seen in the Sunday Tribune on 3 April 2011
Ug on CFL lightbulbs
 Ug Cartoon - Litter and recycling
Learn more about what you can do to reduce litter and get involved in recycling with Ug Cartoon as seen in the Sunday Tribune, 6 March 2011
Ug Cartoon - Litter and Recycling
 Ug Cartoon - Me and the Environment
Check out all the ways that you can save energy at home with Ug, as seen in the Sunday Tribune, 10 April 2011
Ug Cartoon - me and my environment
 Ug Cartoon - Polar Bear and melting polar ice caps
Ug is CAP's green champion. As seen in the Sunday Tribune. This week join Ug in learning about climate change and the melting polar ice caps by following the link to the activity page
Ug Cartoon - polar ice
 Ug cartoon - Recycling electronic waste
Learn how to recycle electronic waste with Ug, as seen in the Sunday Tribune, 20 March 2011
 Ug Cartoon - Together We Can
With Earth Day approaching on Friday, 22 April, have a look at this week's Ug cartoon and think about you can do to make the Earth a better, healthier, and more sustainable place.
Ug Cartoon - Together, We Can
 Ug Cartoon - Weather and Climate
Climate change impacts on the weather. Learn more about this with Ug Cartoon as seen in the Sunday Tribune 1 May 2011
Ug Cartoon - weather and climate
 Ug Cartoon -Alien Plants
Ug Cartoon: As seen in the SUNDAY TRIBUNE
Ug Cartoon Alien Plants
 Ug cartoon on fun ways to Reduce, Re-Use and Recycle
Learn lots of fun ways to reduce, re-use and re-cycle with Ug cartoon as seen in the Sunday Tribune 10 July 2011
Ug Cartoon 9613 Reduce, Re-use, Re-cycle
 Ug cartoon on greening your meals
Learn fun ways to green your meals and reduce your impact on the environment with Ug cartoon as seen in the Sunday Tribune, 17 July 2011
Ug cartoon 9621 greening your food
 Ug cartoon on the Greenhouse Effect
Find out about global warming and the Greenhouse Effect with Ug as seen in the Sunday Tribune, 31 July 2011
Ug cartoon 9626 Greenhouse
 Ug Cartoon on Where your Clothes Come From
Gain an interesting insight into where your clothes come from with Ug as seen in the Sunday Tribune, 24 July 2011
Ug Cartoon 9628 Where Are Clothes From
 Ug Cartoon -Saving Electricity
Learn how you can save electricity like Ug does by turning off all your appliances at the plug when you are finished using them. Ug as seen in the Sunday Tribune, 13 March 2011
Ug on saving electricity
 Ug on Recycling Stuff
Take a look at fun ways to recycle you plastic shopping bags with Ug and Suri. As seen in the Sunday Tribune, 5 June 2011
 Ug on active transport
Active transport
Ug cartoon 9634, Active transport
 Ug on alternative energy
Find out from Ug about alternative forms of energy as seen in the Sunday Tribune, 11 September 2011
Ug cartoon 9632. Alternative energy
 Ug on biodegradable products
Learn from Ug about biodegradable products as seen in the Sunday Tribune, 18 September 2011
Ug cartoon 9633. Biodegradable Products
 Ug on Biomes and Climate
Find out how to make a biome in bag with this week's Ug activity page. As seen in the Sunday tribune, 12 June 2011
 Ug on Carbon Zero
Become carbon neutral with Ug, as seen in the Sunday Tribune, 19 June 2011
Ug Cartoon on becoming carbon neutral
 Ug on changes in farming
Changes in farming
Ug cartoon 9639, Changes in farming
 Ug on changes in fisheries
Changes in fisheries
Ug cartoon 9640, Changes in fisheries
 Ug on climate change and the impacts on health
Learn from Ug about the climate change impacts on health as seen in the Sunday Tribune, 2 October 2011
Ug cartoon 9367. The impacts on health
 Ug on Coral reefs
Learn about coral reefs with Ug.
Ug 9602. Coral reefs
 Ug on Enviro friendly food
Learn from Ug about environmentally friendly food as seen in the Sunday Tribune, 25 September 2011
Ug cartoon 9636. Enviro friendly food
 Ug on impact on the environment
Impact on the environment
Ug cartoon 9619, impact on environment
 Ug on indigenous garden_Planting indigenous
Indigenous garden_Planting indigenous
Ug cartoon 9611. Indigenous garden_planting indigenous
 Ug on less flying local holidays
Less flying local holidays
Ug cartoon 9641, Less flying local holidays
 Ug on litter audit
Litter audit
Ug cartoon 9620, litter audit
 Ug on looking into the future
learn with Ug how climate change affects our future as seen in the Sunday Tribune, 9 October 2011
Ug cartoon 9635. Looking into the future.
 Ug on monitoring weather patterns
Monitoring weather patterns
Ug cartoon 9631, monitoring weather patterns
 Ug on photosynthesis
Learn about photosynthesis with Ug as seen in the Sunday Tribune, 7 August 2011
Ug cartoon 9624
 Ug on pollution types
Pollution types
Ug cartoon 9623, pollution types
 Ug on push for action
Push for action
Ug cartoon 9638, Push for action
 Ug on recycling plastic
Recycle plastic
Ug cartoon 9612, Recycle plastic
 Ug on seasons
Ug cartoon 9616. Seasons
 Ug on Stuff
Find out from Ug what you can do with stuff you don't really need as seen in the Sunday Tribune, 21 August 2011
Ug cartoon 9643, Stuff - Donate
 Ug on switch it off
Switch it off
Ug cartoon 9645, Switch it off
 Ug on the formation and extraction of coal_Coal
Learn how coal is formed and how to make your own solar cooker with this week's Ug cartoon, as seen in the Sundat Tribune 26 June 2011
 Ug on using water and energy efficiently
Discover how to use water and energy efficiently with Ug as seen in the Sunday Tribune, 21 August 2011
Ug cartoon 9642, Use efficiently
 Ug on Wetlands!
Celebrate national bird week with a look at the important habitats created for birds by wetlands. This year's national bird week focuses on migratory birds.
Ug on wetlands

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