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CAP currently has a demonstration project portfolio which is being supported by the DG Murray Trust (DGMT). The portfolio is divided into Action projects (Mitigation of and adaptation to climate change); and Education projects, but many projects integrate both of these elements and also include research as an underpinning and iterative component of the work.

 1.1 Action - Mitigation (Reforestation): Sustainable Communities
'Sustainable Communities' is a Wildlands Conservation Trust programme, improving people's livelihoods, educating people about the environment, and developing entrepeneurial skills, while conserving South Africa's unique forest habitats.
Land owner growing indigenous trees on her plot in the Jobe community
 1.2 Action Mitigation (Restoration): Restoration of Eastern Cape Subtropical Thicket
Through CAP, The DG Murray Trust is supporting the Wilderness Foundation (WF) with developing a business case for planning and implementing subtropical thicket restoration across the Eastern Cape.
Spekboom field trip
 1.3 Action Mitigation (Restoration): Riparian Habitat Rehabilitation Project in the Karoo
Through the support of DGMT the project aims to develop and implement strategies to rehabilitate degraded seasonal freshwater systems in the Nama Karoo.
The same site a few hours later. Workers constructed hollows to trap water, soil, seeds and plant material, providing a suitable spot for seeds to germinate.
 1.4 Action Adaptation: Developing stewardship corridors for climate change adaptation in KwaZulu Natal
The Biodiversity Stewardship programme, managed by Wildlands Conservation Trust, satisfies both landowners' needs and those of the environment.
Umgano Nature Reserve
 1.5. Action - Adaptation: Conservation South Africa and the Namaqualand Green Economy Demonstration
Building resilience to climate change through sustainable land management practises, ecosystem-based adaptation and alternative livelihoods.
Extension officers and the stewardship manager of the Biodiversity Red Meat initiative
 2.1 Education - Integrating climate change into the EcoSchools programme
CAP and EcoSchools support the integration of a climate change curriculum into schools across South Africa.Eco-Schools gives recognition to schools displaying environmental awareness and action
Teacher educating children about CO2 emissions and green house gases
 3.1. Research - Adaptation assessment of the CAP stewardship corridors
The verification of the role of viable sites and ecological corridors in allowing adaptation to climate change.
Connecting open spaces for climate change adaptation
 3.2. Research (Feasibility document) - Investing in Sustainability (Wilderness Foundation)
Restoring degraded thicket, creating jobs, capturing carbon and earning green credit
Socio-economic, environmental and economic benefits

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