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 Two Adaptation Method Briefs
The two adaptation method briefs, one on the SA risk and Vulnerability Atlas and the second on a Monitoring and Evaluation Framework used by the GreenChoice alliance (housed within Conservation SA)
 Integrating Climate Change Response into Local Development in Namaqualand
The Department of Environment Affairs (DEA), Department of Cooperative Governance and Trade (CoGTA), and the South African Local Government Association (SALGA), with support from the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internatioanle Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), deve
 DAFF Issues 2013 Winter Weather Forecast and Coping Strategies to Farmers
National Agro-meteorological Committee (NAC) Advisory on the 2013 Autumn/Winter season
 Namakwa District Receives Climate Change Training
Training for Namakwa District Officials on mainstreaming climate change into IDPs
 CSA Releases Renewable Energy Handbook
Renewable energy handbook for incorporating environmental, social and economic considerations into wind energy development in South Africa
 COP 18 Doha Outcome in the News
Doha outcomes as reported by several news publishers and circulated by the Climate Action Network
 City of Cape Town launches Enviroworks Newsletter
Launch of the June 2012 edition of the City of Cape Town’s biannual Enviroworks Newsletter
 Partnership programme for watershed management to be launched in the Eastern Cape
CSA and ERS spearhead catchment restoration and management partnership in the Eastern Cape
 Botswana hosts Sustainability Summit
Botswana hosts African Heads of State Summit for sustainability in Africa
 Adaptation Network Newsletter
Adaptation Network releases its first newsletter
 Payments for watershed services in Kenya
PRESSA publishes policy brief on the potential for PWS in the Sasumua watershed, Kenya
 Fairtrade launches blog
Issues facing farmers in the developing world are brought to light via Fairtrade's new blog
 Regional research centre established to address climate change
Windhoek - Southern African countries on Wednesday agreed to launch a centre to tie together climate change studies across the region.
 IPCC sees Disaster Risk for most of the planet
The IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) has released its full report on Managing the Risks of Extreme Events and Disasters to Advance Climate Change Adaptation (SREX).
 Conservation South Africa to present at Climate Smart Agriculture Workshop, April 24 - 25
Conservation South Africa has been invited to present at a Climate Smart Agriculture Workshop, to be held from 24 - 25 April 2012 in Johannesburg.
Inter-cropping with legumes for soil management and pest control
 Namaqualand hosts climate change conference
South Africa Climate Change Conference with the Namakwa District Municipality
 The Real State of the Nation address
South Africa's environmental performance ranking reveals the real state of the nation
 SANBI Launches Beehive
SANBI launches Beehive at the UNFCCC COP 17
 CAP on Twitter
Follow us @climateactionSA
 Adaptation Hub
The website for the Adaptation Hub at COP17 is now up and running
 2012 Enviro-Calendar
Year of special days calendar with environmentally significant days for 2012
 Climate Change videos
The Climate and Development Knowledge Network (CDKN) has posted some of its favourate cliamte change videos on its website.
 IIED Climate Adaptation Films - Africa
The IIED has produced two new short videos on climate adaptation techniques in Africa. These simple and cheap solutions are helping farmers adapt to climate change, maintain crop yields, and reverse devastating soil erosion.
 YouTube Fame for Skeppies Projects
SANBI film-maker, George Davis, filmed the Skeppies Building Resilience to Climate Change projects on a climate adaptation technology monitoring trip in May 2011.
 Skeppies Knowledge Exchange Workshop
On 9 and 10 June, CAP and CSA held a knowledge exchange workshop with the Skeppies Building Resilience to Climate Change projects and representatives from local government and social development agencies.
 Traditional Knowledge is Critical for Adaptation to Climate Change
Sarshen Marais, CAP's manager, recently attended the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) meeting in Bonn, Germany. See her blog here, about a side event on traditional knowledge and climate change adaptation, presented by C
 Project 90 x 2030's Green Your Office Toolkit
Use this toolkit to monitor your office carbon emissions on a monthly basis
 Short Film on Ocean Acidification
Ocean Acidification - a little known effect of CO2 emissions.
Ocean Acidification
 Short Film on Ocean Acidification
One of largest carbon sinks, the vast oceans that cover our planet, are undergoing serious changes with worrying implications due to the levels of Carbon Dioxide we have been emitting.
 Biodiversity Expo 2011
CAP and WESSA held a shared stand at the Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens Visitor Centre from 5 - 8 May 2011
The CAP WESSA Stall at Biodiversity Expo 2010
 Building Resilience to Climate Change workshop
From 11-12 March, CAP and Conservation South Africa hosted a workshop on water and climate change with 10 Skeppies projects in Port Nolloth in the Northern Cape
Workshop participants with their climate monitoring equipment
 10/10/10 Film-making with One Day on Earth
CAP participated a film contribution to One Day on Earth
 Carbon Nation - Climate Change Solutions Documentary
Carbon Nation, a documentary about climate change solutions, will premier in Cape Town at the Labia on Orange cinema on Saturday 15 January at 6:15pm, on Sunday 16 January at 6:15pm and on Monday 17 January at 8:30pm.
 Community-based climate mitigation in KZN
Nursery at Buffelsdraai
 SA conservation NGOs are reducing our carbon footprints
Solar cooker at WESSA head offices in Howick
 How sustainable land management affects climate change
Map of carbon sequestrated in vegetation and soil in South Africa, showing that currently the eastern coast has the highest stocks. Source: UN Environmental Programme.”
 Climate Change Adaptation on the map at COP 16- Cancun, Mexico
 Max Edkins wins documentary film award for short film on Water, Climate and Action
A short documentary film on water, climate and action based in Bennde Mutale rural community near Kruger Park
Demonstrating carbon emissions
 Bending the Curve now available as an E-book
Bending the Curve shows how specific sectors in South Africa can tackle climate change by reducing their carbon footprint.
 COP 16: 29 November - 10 December 2010
Get updates from the COP 16 dialogues in Cancun, Mexico from the RCCP
 Climate Dish - Germanwatch
Gives a whole new meaning to playing with your food
 CAP Knowledge Exchange Workshop 2010
CAP hosted a knowledge exchange workshop from 10-11 November
 10/10/10 Tree-planting event with WESSA at Princessvlei
CAP and WESSA hosted a tree-planting event as part of's 10/10/10 global day of action
 CAP Programme Manager, Sarshen Marais, spoke at Cambridge Resilience Forum
30 Sept 2010. Is there a case for investing in ecosystems services
 CAP hosted 'The Age of Stupid' film screening
16 Sept 2010, hugely successful screening of climate change documentary for 140 people, followed by panel discussion
The Age of Stupid
 Earthwave Beach Festival promotes sustainability
25-26 September at Muizenburg Beach
 Cleaner energy and a low carbon future for Cape Town
Video showing what happens when we waste electricity
Demolition of Athlone cooling towers
 ENTER NOW for a great Family day of Mountain Biking in the Midlands Meander with the Wildlands Conservation Trust!
Save the Oribi
 Ten indicators of the human fingerprint on climate change
A summary of the empirical evidence that answers the question of what is causing global warming
10 indicators of a human fingerprint on climate change
 The secretariat on the Convention of Biological Diversity releases 30 factsheets to celebrate the International Year of Biodiversity
 CAP is proud to announce the launch of 'Change'
An eight part documentary series on climate change and issues of environmental sustainability in the Western Cape
 Wake Up, Freak Out – then Get a Grip
Watch a short, animated film about climate change by Leo Murray.
Tipping point
 CAP raises awareness about climate change and biodiversity at local events
The Kirstenbosch Biodiversity Expo and Dow Live Earth Run for Water in Cape Town
Di Marais, Sarshen Marais and Jessica Thorn
 CAP publishes: 'Investing in sustainability: Restoring degraded thicket, creating jobs, capturing carbon and earning green credit'
The assessment presents the case for restoration of degraded thicket in the Eastern Cape for achieving environmental, economic and social sustainability through government and corporate investment.
Spekboom thicket
 African universities should step up climate research – Sonjica
Buyelwa Sonjica
 United Nation's Framework Convention on Climate Change's (UNFCCC) first newsletter for 2010
Watch Yvo De Boer, Executive director of the UNFCCC discussing the three important outcomes of Copenhagen
 Joto Africa - Managing Africa's water in a changing climate
Issue 2
Community members draw water from a rock catchment in Mutomo - Kenya (ALIN, 2009)
 Adaptation under the Copenhagen Accord
by the Foundation of International Environmental Law and Development (FIELD) Briefing Paper February 2010
 New publication from UCT Press on climate change
Taking Action on Climate Change: Long-term mitigation scenarios for South Africa by Harold Winkler
Harold Winkler
 World Wetlands Day 2nd February 2010
Events diary of what is happening in the Western Cape for World Wetlands Day.
 Analysis of Copenhagen's outcomes
Conservation International's perspective
 Reflections on Copenhagen
Assessments on Copenhagen: 'Reflections from Copenhagen' by the Climate Action Partnership Coordinator,' A Glimmer of Hope' Conservation International, & 'How do I know China wrecked the Copenhagen Deal' by Mark Lynas published in the Guardian UK.
In negotiations
 Copenhagen Accord
Download the Draft Decision of COP 15 - the Copenhagen Accord and read a preliminary assessment on the Accord
 A new series of printed briefings and online resources about adapting to climate change in sub-Saharan Africa - Joto Afrika Issue 1
The series will help people understand the issues, constraints and opportunities that poor people face in adapting to climate change and escaping poverty.
 Copenhagen Climate Deal - How to close the GAP?
Briefing paper 15 December 2009. To download the document published by Climate Analytics and Ecofys click here
 36 hours to save the world…
The world’s leaders have36 hours left to take the brave &difficult decisions that will help the world to turn a corner and prevent climate change from becoming an even greater threat to people, habitats&economies that sustain us all,CI said today.
 1.5 Degrees To Stay Alive
Follow this link to watch the video production:
 ADAPTATION in Copenhagen- what are we as conservationists fighting for….
Report from Sarshen Marais, Climate Actoin Partnership representative in Copenhagen
 Climate change vigil at the US Embassy on 11th December 2009
 Regular updates and information on Copenhagen negotiations
Please visit the CAP website 'Links' section under COP 15 COPENHAGEN or visit: or
 President Zuma to attend the climate change talks in Copenhagen
President Zuma has accepted the invitation to attend the Heads of State and Government Segment of COP15 to the UNFCCC and the 5th Conference of the Parties serving as the Meeting of the Parties (CMP-5) to the Kyoto Protocol, from 17-18 December 2009
 Current information on the contribution of land-use change and forestry on global GHG emissions
Read up on the contribution to global GHG emissions from deforestation and logging
Global GHG emissions 2005
 Speech by Ms. Buyelwa Sonjica, MP, Minister of Water and Environmental Affairs on Copenhagen outcome and expectations (10 November 2009)
Speech by Ms. Buyelwa Sonjica, MP, Minister of Water and Environmental Affairs, at the National Information and Consultation Session at Collosseum, Pretoria: 10 November 2009
 WESSA learnership project to receive funding following marketplace
The Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa (WESSA Western Cape) has been awarded a grant for its Learning to be Custodians project by the DGMurrayTrust,as a direct result of the successful CAPE/SKEP Conservation Marketplace held on12/05/09.
 CAP making a statement about a global reduction in carbon emissions!
Saturday's human formation of 350 organized by CAP was a great success, with around 350 participants walking from Table Mountain to Signal Hill.
 Invitation to Carbon Markets Africa Conference
Kickstarting Africa's Carbon Markets Pavilian Conference Centre, Cape Town, South Africa 10-11 November 2009
Carbon Markets Africa Conference
 Carbon Offsets Fact Sheet
Have a look at CAP's Carbon Offsets Factsheet and read up about carbon credits in conservation and the offsets debate. Find the fact sheet in the section 'About CAP' under downloads.
 CAP attends the Pan African Hearing on Climate Change
The Pan African Hearing on Climate Change provided a platform for people to describe the impact of climate change on their livelihoods. It is vital that insights from these testimonies are heard by the decision makers at the Copenhagen meetings.
The impacts of climate change in the Sahara (Source:
 CAP climbs Table Mountain for the International Day of Climate Action
On the 24th October 2009 CAP will climb Platteklip Gorge at 08h00 and form a 'human' 350 which will be fimed from the air - to call governments to reduce carbon emissions at the Copenhagen meetings in December. Join us!
Top of Platteklip Gorge (Source:
 CAP helps to power earth hour
During the week leading up to earth hour CAP gathered 10 willing and energetic colleagues to cycle for an hour to generate power to be stored in batteries for Cape Town's Earth hour concert at the waterfront. See photos attached.
The cycle team
 First people to officially be evacuated because of climate change
The people of the Carterets Islands, off the coast of Papua New Guinea, are the first entire people to officially be evacuated because of climate change. As the sea level rises their drinking water and crops have been poisoned by salt and one entire
 CAP live on talk show TV
CAP was interviewed by talk show TV to discuss some issues around climate change including, the approach CAP is taking towards ensuring the protection and restoration of ecosystems, some points on offsets and our policy and research work.
 SA sees binding climate change policy in 3 years
South Africa expects to put in place a binding climate change policy within three years to cap emissions by 2020-25, the environment minister said at the launch of a climate summit on Tuesday.
 Marthinus Van Schalkwyk addresses high level climate change seminar in Washington
Keynote address by Marthinus van Schalkwyk, South African Minister of Environmental Affairs and Tourism, at a high-level seminar and discussion on 'Emerging Strategies for International Climate & Investment Policy”, 13 January 2008, Washington DC
 Poznan climate talks drift to a close
The big issues to be resolved for a new global climate treaty lie largely unmoved after two weeks of annual UN climate change talks in Poznan, Poland, just as they have throughout all of 2008.
 CCB Alliance enhances carbon standard
The rights of indigenous groups and areas of high biodiversity significance are the focus of updated carbon project verification standards issued by the Climate, Community and Biodiversity Alliance (CCBA).
 Carbon Confusion
Do you know what CERs, VERs, AAUs, ERUs and EUAs are? The UNFCCC or the ITL? Come to terms with the brave new carbon-constrained world right here...
 VCS releases forestry carbon rules
The providers of the Voluntary Carbon Standard (VCS) have released final rules for the verification of carbon credits in forestry and agriculture projects, a long-awaited step to ensure the integrity of emissions reductions in the voluntary carbon ma
 Biodiversity Hotspot

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