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Adapting to climate change
adapting_climate change.pdf
(format PDF, size: 129kb)
Africa Adaptation Program
Calendar 2012
Year of Special Days enviro calendar 2012.pdf
Calendar of environmental days for 2012
Calendar days description
Year of Special days. Calendar Days brief description 2012.pdf
Description of each environmental calendar day
DAFF 2013 Winter Weather Forecast
National Agro-meteorological Committee_Advisory on 2013 winter season.pdf
DAFF 2013 winter weather forecast and coping strategies for farmers
Deforestation, logging and green house gas emissions
Deforestation, Logging and GHG emissions - Current Facts.pdf
Research shows that 16.3 % of global GHG emissions is attributed to land-use change and forestry
Handbook of Climate Change in SA
handbook_climate_change in SA.pdf
Simple description of climate change effects and impacts on sectors in SA, and how SA can adapt to these impacts
Natural Solutions IUCN
Natural Solutions IUCN.pdf
IUCN report on ecosystems based adaptation
What is climate change
what_climate _change.pdf
(format PDF, size: 645kb)
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