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Biodiversity climate change and sustainable development booklet
Biodiversity Climate Change and Sustainable Development Booklet.pdf
The EbA booklet was coauthored by SANBI, CSA and Indigo Development and Change for DEA and the World Bank. The booklet focuses on harnessing synergies between biodiversity, climate change and sustainable development in Africa, and highlights classic case studies of the success stories. The technical report supports the EbA booklet and delves into the finer detail of EbA and sustainable development from a developing country perspective.
EbA Booklet Final Technical Report
Biodiversity Climate Change and Sustainable Development Final Technical Report April 2012_final.pdf
Technical report supporting the EbA Booklet
GreenChoice Living Farms Reference
GreenChoice living farms reference.pdf
This document was developed jointly by WWF-SA and CSA and is a reference for any industry to develop a farmer-friendly guideline. It is structured according to environmental and social principles and contains all relevant SA legislation around agriculture. The Reference has already been used to develop guidelines for Rooibos, Barley, Mohair, and Red Meat. The document is Open Source but if using the Reference to develop farmer guidelines, please contact CSA so that we may help you and/or have a record of who and how the Reference is being used.
PWS in Kenya
PRESA Policy Brief_Institutional and Policy Requirements for Payments for Watershed Services in Kenya.pdf
PRESA Policy Brief_PWS in Kenya
The Cool Farm Tool
The Unilever carbon calculator which can be used to determine carbon footprints
The GreenChoice Farmer Field Book
This Farmer Field Book is a farm management system that is available in the form of record keeping books and as an Excel-based workflow. Using the spreadsheet, farmers can enter their daily farm activities such as hours tractor use, number of people weeding or clearing alien invasive plants etc. Based on labour, fertilizer and other input costs, the workflow will give the farmer reports with graphs and tables on yield per unit input, land use efficiency, biodiversity conserved, alien invasives cleared, soil and water health, human wildlife conflict, greenhouse gas emissions, and livelihoods. Carbon footprints can be determined using a carbon calculator from Unilever, The Cool Farm Tool.
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