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CAP Adaptation Assessment Report

CAP conducted research into the climate adaptation potential of several corridor sites in South Africa, also identifying priority areas for future corridors and monitoring and evaluation criteria

CAP Adaptation Assessment Poster
CAP Adaptation Assessment Poster_FINAL.pdf
Award-winning poster summarising the adaptation assessment research and priority areas
CAP Adaptation Assessment Report for all sites and corridors
CAP Adaptation assessment report for all sites and corridors_final.pdf
A detailed assessment of the climate adaptation potential of all the CAP sites and corridos in the Eastern Cape and KZN
CAP Climate Adaptation Corridors Summary Report
CAP Climate Adaptation Corridors report_FINAL.pdf
An overview of the outcomes of the CAP climate corridor research process
CAP Report: Monitoring for Climate Adaptation Corridors
Monitoring for climate change adaptation corridors_April 2011_final.pdf
Report on the monitoring and evaluations criteria developed by CAP for the climate adaptation corridors
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