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WWF Cancun Package Expectations

At COP 16 governments need to agree to a fair, ambitious and balanced Cancun package. The Cancun package should secure consensus on key areas of substance, and identify a way forward on the negotiation process to a comprehensive, legally‐bind

WWF Cancun Package Expectations
WWF Cancun FTT position 10-Nov.pdf
WWF Recommendations ahead of COP 16
WWF Cancun position on financial transaction taxes
WWF Cancun FTT position 10-Nov.pdf
WWF proposes financial transaction taxes (FTTs) as one of the few sources of financing that can, if designed properly, provide sufficient funding to address global challenges of climate change, biodiversity loss, poverty, and social injustice, and contribute to national budgets and repay the debts remaining from the global financial crisis
WWF Cancun Recommendations on Adaptation
WWF Cancun Briefing Paper on Adaptation.pdf
An ambitious and fair adaptation specific decision by the Conference of Parties (COP) to put in place an adaptation framework must therefore be a cornerstone of a successful outcome atCOP16 in Cancun as part of the larger Cancun package.
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