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BirdLife Internationals position on climate change
BirdLife International Position on Climate Change.PDF
Adopted by the BirdLife International partnership June 2008
Eco-Schools information brochure
178 KB
Eco-Schools practical climate change mitigation demonstration
Vegetable garden tunnels.pdf
Vegetable Garden Tunnels
Eco-Schools practical climate change mitigation demonstration
Indigenous gardens.pdf
Indigenous gardens
Eco-Schools practical climate change mitigation demonstration
Rainwater Harvesting Tanks.pdf
Rainwater harvesting tanks
Eco-Schools practical climate change mitigation demonstration
Solar Cookers.pdf
Parabolic solar cookers
Endangered Wildlife Trust / BirdLife South Africa
Article on the possible effects of climate change on the population ecology of blue cranes (Altwegg and Anderson, 2009)
Ezemvelo KwaZulu-Natal Wildlife
Biodiversity Stewardship Programme
WESSA media release of The Real State of The Nation
WESSA Media Release - The Real State of the Nation 9 Feb 2012.pdf
WESSA media release of SA environmental performance ranking
Wilderness Foundation
"Wilderness concepy put forward as way to mitigate climate change" Article from Herald Newspaper December 2009 -
Wilderness Foundation
Introduction to the work of the Wildnerness Foundation
Wildlands Conservation Trust
Photo journal.pdf
Photo Journal from seed to planting the trees (from project officer field visit December 2010 to Buffelsdraai and Jobe/Mkuze Carbon sinks)
Wildlands Conservation Trust
Indigenous Trees for Life Greening Your Future.pdf
Indigenous Trees for Life and Greening Your Future
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