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Green guides, suggested recycling depots and more

Carbon Reduction within CAP 2010 report
Carbon Reduction Strategy for CAP and partners report_FINAL.pdf
A report describing how CAP and its partners are reducing their carbon footprint
Collect waste for recycling
Where to go and who to contact
Ecological Cities as Economic Cities
Eco2Cities synopsis.pdf
World Bank report on sustainable urban environments
Eco-Loo brochure
Eco-Loo E-brochure.pdf
Save water and energy using this novel systems
Energy auditing in the office and home
EnergyAuditspreadsheet exercise.xls
Spreadsheet to calculate electricity consumption
FLOW water bottles
The FLOW Endorsed bottle.pdf
Lightweight stainless water bottles which mimic the energies of nature
Green living guide
green guide delicious living.pdf
Eco eating, detox your home, green cleaning reduce packaging waste, products for kids and pet care
Rainwater Harvesting
Rainwater Harvesting Tanks.pdf
Cost description of rainwater harvesting
Solar Cookers
Solar Cookers.pdf
Cost description of solar cooking
Solar PV
Solar Systems.pdf
Cost description of solar PV
Take action to curb climate change
Tips from the Climate Action Partnership
Ways for offices to reduce their footprint
CI Greening Checklist.pdf
CI checklist for carbon reduction in offices based organisations
Wind and the Tripple Bottom Line
CSA Renewable Energy Handbook (format: PDF, size: 2.37mb)
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