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CAPís Objectives

  • Raise awareness around climate change and the links between climate change and the conservation of natural habitat;
  • Promote the integrity of climate change projects by promoting the adoption of globally accepted standards, with an emphasis on the Climate, Community and Biodiversity Standards (CCBS);
  • Advise on and support Southern African solutions for mitigation and adaptation to climate change with a biodiversity conservation outcome;
  • Promote cross-sectoral policy that supports climate change mitigation and adaptation activities with a biodiversity conservation outcome;
  • Achieve carbon reductions for the head offices of the CAP partner organizations.

CAP recognizes . . .

  1. Climate change is among the most pervasive threats to biodiversity today, which, without action, will cause the extinction of countless species and destroy some of the world's most precious ecosystems; and
  2. Climate change is a major threat to South African biodiversity, particularly in the hotspots of the Succulent Karoo; Cape Floral Kingdom and the Maputoland-Pondoland Albany;
  3. The impact of climate change on biodiversity is a focus of CAPís partner civil society organizations (see below) and their objectives and interests in this regard are largely compatible;
  4. The potential for the benefits of collaboration is greater than for the sum of the work carried out by the above-mentioned organizations individually;
  5. The organizations have a common desire to collaborate in the field of climate change and biodiversity conservation.
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