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CAP Knowledge Exchange Workshop 2010

On the 10th and 11th of November 2010, the Climate Action Partnership hosted a two-day Knowledge Exchange Workshop at the Centre for Biodiversity Conservation in Cape Town. The workshop facilitated an exchange of knowledge, ideas, and experiences amongst CAP partners, projects, and associates as well as additional groups and individuals who align with CAP’s mitigation, adaptation and education work. The two days focused on ecosystems based adaptation to climate change and teasing out appropriate and effective criteria, methods, and indicators for monitoring and evaluating adaptation to climate change. Delegates presented on national and international climate change policy and funding mechanisms, tools for adapting to climate change such as climate modeling and critical biodiversity areas maps, and their own project and programme work around ecosystems based adaptation. Presentations also included a look at monitoring and evaluation processes that have been used in the past. 45 delegates attended the workshop. The workshop report provides a brief overview of the key findings of the workshop and summaries of the presentations given over the two days. A summary of the outcomes of the workshop session around monitoring and evaluation methods and criteria is included at the end of the document. Full PDF copies of the workshop summary report, each presentation given, and some additional resources are available on this website under the ‘workshops’ tab.

The objectives of the workshop were to:

1. Build an understanding of ecosystems based adaptation concepts.

2. Update each other on developments on ecosystems based adaptation and REDD, both nationally and internationally.

3. Report back on CAP adaptation and mitigation work that focuses on ecosystems based adaptation.

4. Review capacity building and educational efforts around ecosystems based adaptation.

5. Provide feedback on current research into ecosystems based adaptation

6. Present cases studies of ecosystems based adaptation from outside South Africa

7. Discuss monitoring and planning for ecosystems based adaptation

8. Network, re-connect, and have fun.

Posted: 10/19/2010 (3:52:17 PM)

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