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10/10/10 Tree-planting event with WESSA at Princessvlei

On 10 October 2010, WESSA and CAP co-organised a tree planting event at Princess vlei in Cape Town. This was part of the 10/10/10 Global work party is an international day of climate change action where small groups of ordinary citizens showed their leaders how it’s done – implementing solutions to the climate crisis, from solar panels to community gardens, wind turbines to bicycle workshops. 7347 events where staged around the world which is a record and shows the increasing priority of climate change of the public.

Considering the rain and howling winds, around 25 people attended ranging from families and kids, to a group of scholors, students and pensioners, as well as indigenous Khoisan people from all over Cape Town and as far as Stellenbosch. 50 indigenous trees which were donated by Just Trees were planted enthusiastically in less than an hour. Patrick Dowling from WESSA donated bucketfulls of compost from worm castings which were added into the soil mixture. We were also graced by presence of Ian Player, who is founder of Wilderness Foundation, and his wife participated.

At the end of the planting, Sebataolo Rahloa from the Energy Research Centre at UCT addressed the crowd and spoke briefly about climate change mitigation carbon sequestration and deforestation. The Greater Cape Town Civic Alliance together with Kelvin Cochrane, also spoke about the potential rezoning of the vlei for development of a shopping mall which is being contested by the community who use it as a leisure spot. The Khoisan Royalty was also present for the event as the exact spot which is being considered for rezoning area has been an ancient burial ground and is part of their ancestral worship.

To support the event, Indie Films was present to take footage which they are planning to use for their submission to the international “One Day on Earth” project.

Thank you to everyone who joined in making this event successful and helping to mobilize the community to take action against climate change, especially in the wake of next year’s COP17 to be held in South Africa

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Click the image to enlarge: 350 formation
350 formation
Click the image to enlarge: Khoisan Royalty
Khoisan Royalty
Click the image to enlarge: Simisha Pather-Elias and Kelvin Cochran
Simisha Pather-Elias and Kelvin Cochran
Posted: 10/1/2010 (12:37:28 AM)

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