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Earthwave Beach Festival promotes sustainability

Spin 4 Charity and the Earthwave Beach Festival hosted an attempt to challenge the Guiness World Record for the most surfers on a single wave for 5 seconds. Spin 4 Charity raised awareness around alternative energy with 'cycle power' and household size wind turbine demonstratins. CAP, with volunteers Akhona and Sisipho from CPUT, calculated the carbon footprints of spinners, surfers, and sustainability exhibitors.

While the event was not well-attended by the public due to bad weather, the 25th was a useful day for some gentle networking. As a result of attending, CAP will be participating in a biodiversity, conservation, and climate change documentary by SA Indie Films.

Date: 25-26 September
Time: 12-4pm
Venue: Spin 4 Charity tent, Muizenburg Beach

Click the image to enlarge: CAP volunteer Sisipho calculating a carbon footprint
CAP volunteer Sisipho calculating a carbon footprint
Click the image to enlarge:
Posted: 9/17/2010 (9:00:09 AM)

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