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CAP is proud to announce the launch of 'Change'

CAP is proud to announce the launch of 'Change' - an eight part documentary series on climate change and issues of environmental sustainability in the Western Cape.

'Change' starts Wednesday 19:30, 5 May 2010 and again on Sunday 20:00 on CTV.

African Renaissance Productions in conjunction with CapeNature for Cape Town TV bring the new tongue in cheek environmental series, Change, which promises to excite, engage and entertain audiences into living greener more sustainable lives. The series is an investigation in how the world we live in is shaped through industry, consumption and our own personal decisions on a day to day basis. CAP provided research support to the development of the series, and CAP partner projects are profiled in the series.

The eight part documentary series delves into the eclectic communities of the Western Cape and peels away at the social and economic strata to discover the true meaning of environmentalism. We follow an ensemble cast of over 80 people all citizens of the city of Cape Town who take the viewer on a controversial path of exploration, uncovering the impact we have on our planet.

Earth is in peril, our multitude of addictions have lead our species down a road of uncertainty. Our addictions are the causes of unsustainable processes which have lead to the symptoms that plague our climate, our oceans and our land. Global climate change and environmental degradation are issues at the forefront of of argument and debate in modern times, we need to break the cycle of abuse, only through change and adaptation can we find the solutions to the insurmountable challenges we face on the horizon.

Cape Town is a microcosm of the global social and environmental challenges our society has to overcome so that our future and the future of generations have a world to cherish and experience. The city itself is a tapestry, painted with all the colours and breathtaking diversity it has to offer while featuring its eclectic populace, one of the most striking features of this show is the setting which has been filmed in an awe inspiring way that shows that it is truely one of the most beautiful cities in the world and it too is an omnipresent character throughout the journey this revolution in South African environmental television takes . From coastline, to city streets we discover what people are doing to ensure that we survive and that humanity has a future.

Change is coming, change is inevitable, be a part of the journey, be a part of the change.

Contact Matthew von Abo for more information at / 021 424 3575 (Director/Producer, African Renaissance Productions)

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Posted: 5/5/2010 (4:58:57 AM)

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