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Adaptation under the Copenhagen Accord

by the Foundation of International Environmental Law and Development (FIELD)
Briefing Paper February 2010

To date, much of the focus of the commentary on the Accord has been on its mitigation provisions, which appear to reflect a new willingness on behalf of developing countries with emerging economies to have their mitigation actions measured internationally. From an adaptation standpoint, however, the Copenhagen Accord rolls back the clock by re-forging the link between adaptation to the adverse effects of climate change and the potential impacts of response measures.

In the first paragraph of the Accord stress is placed on the need to establish a comprehensive adaptation programme which includes both 'the critical impacts of climate change and the potential impacts of response measures'. Paragraph 3 reinforces the linkage - saying in effect that adaptation actions consist both addressing the physical adverse effects of climate change and the potential ecoomic impacts of response measures.

Article 4.8. of the Convention first forged this link and spoke about the implementation of response measures including actions relating to funding, insurance and transfer of technology. It further stated that the adverse effects of climate change and the impacts of response measures have difference causes, natures and timing, and the groups affected has different vulnerabilities and interests.

The linkage in the same article under the Convention has proven challenging when negotiating seperately on ways to adress adaptationm, especially in regard to the levels of funding required. Led by the Alliance of Small Island States (AOSIS), a number of developing coundtires fought successfully at the 2007 Bali conference to de-link these concepts in the Bali Action Plan (BAP).

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Posted: 2/22/2010 (2:14:28 AM)

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