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Climate change vigil at the US Embassy on 11th December 2009

A public awareness raising candle vigil outside the US Embassy in Tokai will be held on Friday the 11th December from 15h00 to 17h00.

The vigil marks the midpoint of the negotiations taking place between 7th and 18th December. The vigil will be one of many throughout the world, and vigils will be held outside of the US Embassies in Johannesburg and Durban. Economy, People, Planet, Habitats, Wildlife and the great commons of water, oceans, land and air are at stake.

Meet at the southern gate of the US Consolute in Steenberg Road at 15h00. (For clarity, the US Consulate is in 2 Reddam Road, Westlake, however we will be meeting at the Southern Gate) [See attached map for directions]

Parking is available directly opposite where we’ll be gathering (on old road to Silvertree Estate); along Steenberg Rd; and to a limited degree outside the entrance of the Barnyard and at Steenberg Village Shopping Centre. The gathering will take place a few hundred metres down Steenberg Road towards Ou Kaapse Weg at the southern entrance to the consulate.Toilets are available at Steenberg Village Shopping Centre.

Some posters and symbolic candle cut-outs will be available, but please also bring your own, and make your messages positive! Try and wear either a white, yellow or red t-shirt, as we’ll be trying to build a large human candle with the consulate in the background!

The initiative, co-ordinated globally by, a climate action NGO, aims to emphasise key climate change messages to governments and citizens at the time when critical decisions are being made by world leaders at Copenhagen. The messages include:

• At least 80% reduction in CO2 emission from 1990 levels, by 2050
• Binding emission reduction targets for all countries
• Financial help for developing nations to reach targets from richer, more polluting nations
• Radically increase funding for renewable energy technology
• Energy conservation and efficiency plans are a necessity
• Ethical responsibility of leaders to listen to citizens and act with urgent commitment
• A critical reduction of C02 equivalents in atmosphere to 350 parts per million down from 387 parts per million
• Political delays could lead to runaway climate change
As with 350 day on 24 October when more than 5000 groups round the world participated, the vigil is set to attract as much global support. (From: WESSA press release)

'Our world leaders will be meeting in Copenhagen soon to decide our future, and the USA is proving to be the most obstructionist of all the wealthy nations. Obama will be going for one day – the 9th of December. Currently the US emissions target is a paltry 3% reductions below 1990 levels – very far away from the 40% science is saying is necessary. The USA now holds a big key to unlock the climate treaty process, and we need Obama and the US Congress to turn that key.' (Sam Jackson)

Join us and help put the pressure on negotiators from citizens around the world demanding a ambitious and binding deal and a call for action!

Sign up at:

Sam Jack: / 073 4441514 for more information
Kate Watermeyer: / 021 650 5454 if you would like to volunteer as a marshall

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Posted: 12/8/2009 (8:15:48 AM)

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