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Fanter Dira (Mali)

Fanter, who lives in Mali, farms millet and maize. In 2000 there was a flood and all of her harvest was washed away. Two years later there was drought. The flooding and the drought happened repeatedly. “It is not climate change – the climate is changing.” As a result the soil lost its nutrients and was unable to absorb the moisture during the wet seasons. Loss of stock meant that Fanter could not pay back her loan.

Furthermore, she explained: “Farming is all we know.” As a result, people have begun to give up the agrarian culture and migrate to economic hubs to partake in other activities. This has broken down the family structure.

She explained: “We need solutions to cope. I am not begging anyone. We know what we need. What we need is seeds, equipment and fertilizer. And we need the training to cope with the new situation. I would like to share this with people.'

'The government did try to help us, by supplying farmers with a variety of rice which you can grow in our soils. But the efforts of the government failed because we did not know how to cultivate the seed, because that is not what we grow. We are living in this situation and we would like to get out of it.”

(Testimony presented at the Pan-African Hearing on Climate Change 5th October 2009)

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Posted: 12/7/2009 (4:59:14 AM)

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