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Omar Jubil (Kenya)

“We need to sensitize all affected communities, especially throughout Africa, to the impacts of climate change.”

Omer Jubil lives in the north of Kenya and is a Somali speaker. He is a pastoralist, owning the stock of mostly cattle and goats. He has forty children and grandchildren in total.

In 1997 there was a flood in his region – the cause which he attributed to El Nino. Over 200 of his livestock were killed, and only 20 of his cattle survived. After this the droughts came. The droughts meant that there was no pasture to feed the livestock, and so they began feeding the livestock human food.

The children were particularly affected. No longer could Omar support his children’s schooling fees and malnourishment rose. The changing climate also led to further environmental degradation and deforestation in that people began to cut down trees in order to sell firewood as an alternative means of income.

(Testimony presented at the Pan-African Hearing on Climate Change 5th October 2009)

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Posted: 12/7/2009 (4:57:15 AM)

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