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CAP climbs Table Mountain for the International Day of Climate Action

The 24th of October the International Day of Climate Action. All over the world globe people are calling for governments, decision-makers and business leaders to commit to a fair, ambitious and binding agreement to be made at Copenhagen in December. is coordinating various actions throughout Cape Town and South Africa (Visit ) to raise awareness on the need for this fair and binding deal.
To support this campaign the Climate Action Partnership (visit will be climbing up Table Mountain and creating a “human” 350 on the top of the mountain.   This will be filmed from the air, and the protest action at the iconic location of Table Mountain will send out a powerful message about the impact of climate change on ecosystems and biodiversity. This will be screened in Copenhagen in December.
We are meeting at 08h00 on Saturday the 24th October at the Lower Cable Car Station, Table Mountain Road. Find us on the far right end of the bus parking lot at the beginning of the path which leads to Platteklip Gorge, and will hike up together. We will be meeting at the top of the Platteklip path at around 10h30. Give yourself the morning to do the hike.
What to wear:
• Please wear red, orange or yellow colours to symbolize the increasing temperatures and the impact thereof on our precious and threatened ecosystems. This is particularly appropriate for Table Mountain, which is home on the most endangered and diverse biomes around the globe– the Cape Fynbos Floral Kingdom.

• Starting from the lower cable station, the path begins at the extreme right hand end of the ticket area and bus parking lot. Follow the cable car wires a short way up the mountain for  20 minutes, after which you will come to a rocky barrier.Turn left at this Countour path towards Devils Peak to take you to the base of Platteklip Gorge. After twenty minutes the path will fork - stay level on the right fork. A few minutes later you will turn a corner which will take you to the lower reaches of Platteklip Gorge. Cross the stream and walk another 100m until reaching a signpost showing the way up Platteklip Gorge. The path zig-zags for about 1.5 hours up the gorge, before reaching the top of the mountain. We will all meet at the top of the Platteklip Gorge path between 10h15 and 10h45. 

• Please stay on the path when hiking up the mountain to ensure your safety, vegetation protection and avoid soil erosion.
• The hike is not for children or dogs.
• Wear Suitable footwear.
• In the case of an emergency the number for the Table Mountain Rescue is 021 948 9900.
We encourage as many participants as possible, so for those who are unable to take part on the hike, please make use of the Cable Car (which is a 4 minute trip one-way) and meet us on the top. 
Bring: Anorak; sun protection; water; snacks; cameras.

Please contact Jessica (084 553 5234/ if you need any more information, and please let CAP know if you are able to be part of this important and fun event.

Click the image to enlarge: Top of Platteklip Gorge (Source:
Top of Platteklip Gorge (Source:
Click the image to enlarge: Climbing up Platteklip Gorge (Source:
Climbing up Platteklip Gorge (Source:
Click the image to enlarge: Source:
Posted: 10/19/2009 (3:22:00 PM)

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