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CAP helps to power earth hour

It was a fun day out, with an energetic group of 10 of us all representing CAP but including the Botanical Society, Conservation International and the Table Mountain Fund. We headed for the Waterfront to power 10 bicycles for an hour. The energy generated from the cycling was stored in batteries to be used to power the Waterfront concert during Earth hour on 28 March from 8.30-9.30pm.

Earth hour was an international awareness campaign about the implications of climate change. The hour was meant to be one of darkness where people turned off lights in recognition of the emissions produced from our energy consumption. The bicycles were used to also show how energy can be produced from people not requiring carbon emissions and also supported by energy from the sun stored in solar panels. Needless to say after an hour of powering away, the sun was definitely the winner, the cyclists generated enough energy to power a 100W light bulb for an hour and the sun over the same time produced 11 000W. Again it drives home the HUGE potential in solar power and other renewables like wind and the day was a reminder on what fun it can be to ride a bike...another way we can reduce our own emissions by not driving our cars.

Thanks to a great team for the energy and effort...


Click the image to enlarge: Who is the winner, the bicycles or the sun
Who is the winner, the bicycles or the sun
Click the image to enlarge: CAP having fun in the sun
CAP having fun in the sun
Click the image to enlarge: The cycle team
The cycle team
Posted: 4/15/2009 (2:20:50 AM)

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