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City of Cape Town launches Enviroworks Newsletter

The June 2012 edition of the City of Cape Town’s biannual Enviroworks newsletter has been published. Inside you will find information on the challenges the city faces in terms of invasive species – which species are of particular concern; what the City and its partners are doing to combat the problem; how it is creating green jobs; and what you can do.

Enviroworks is a biannual newsletter, produced by the City of Cape Town’s Environmental Resource Management Department in collaboration with other City departments.

After reading Enviroworks, and you would like to feedback and suggestions, please write to: You could be one of five lucky readers to WIN a book entitled Alien & Invasive Animals: A South African Perspective by Mike Picker and Charles Griffiths.

For back copies, visit
Hard copies are also available from Glen Takeloo on 021 487 2829 or

Posted: 7/17/2012 (8:13:19 AM)

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