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Fairtrade launches blog

Fairtrade has launched a blog which discusses the plight of farmers in developing countries in the face of climate change. Climate change is real and most of us are feeling its effects, but farmers are at the forefront of this fight. Producers from Latin America, Africa, and Asia experience how unpredictable weather conditions are resulting in a gradual decrease of their yields. Unlike the diversified economies of the developed world, once agriculture goes into decline there is very little room in the economy to cushion the domino effect.

Fairtrade strives for fairer trade conditions that allow farmers to combat poverty, strengthen their position and take control over their lives. Although producers have done very little to cause climate change, they are among the most strongly affected. Fairtrade has adopted and continuously promoted sustainable agricultural practices in the production of Fairtrade products. Fairtrade is also supporting adaptation measures to address growing climate change challenges in the South.

A working group was set up to create the necessary space for Fairtrade farmers to be a voice in the climate change debate. Although this group is composed of Fairtrade farmers, the aim of its advocacy activities is to encompass a larger constituency as the effects of climate change are felt by farmers all over the world.

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Posted: 5/16/2012 (5:14:40 AM)

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