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IPCC sees Disaster Risk for most of the planet

This full report (referred to as SREX) follows from a summary that was released in November 2011 and titled, the SPM (Summary for Policy Makers). Chris Field who is Co-Chair of IPCC’s Working Group II, which together with Working Group I produced the report in a statement said that “The main message from the report is that we know enough to make good decisions about managing the risks of climate-related disasters. Sometimes we take advantage of this knowledge, but many times we do not”.

Some important conclusions delivered by the SREX include:
• Medium confidence in an observed increase in the length or number of warm spells or heat waves in many regions of the globe.
• Likely increase in frequency of heavy precipitation events or increase in proportion of total rainfall from heavy falls over many areas of the globe, in particular in the high latitudes and tropical regions, and in winter in the northern mid-latitudes.
• Medium confidence in projected increase in duration and intensity of droughts in some regions of the world, including southern Europe and the Mediterranean region, central Europe, central North America, Central America and Mexico, northeast Brazil, and southern Africa.

The report highlights that increasing exposure of people and economic assets has been the major cause of long-term increases in economic losses from climate-related disasters. The report also identifies lessons learned from extensive experience in disaster risk management and from the growing focus on climate change adaptation and will be presented to policy-makers in Latin America, Asia and Africa, with the support of the Norwegian government and the Climate & Development Knowledge Network.

Posted: 4/3/2012 (6:37:18 AM)

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