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The Real State of the Nation address

Following President Jacob Zuma’s
State of the Nation Address, the Wildlife and Endangered Society of South
Africa has published a press release titled, “The Real State of the Nation”. In
its statement, WESSA made reference to a report published through a collaborative
effort of Yale University and two other development organizations which ranked
South Africa as 128 out of 132 countries assessed in terms of environmental
performance. This means that out of the 132 countries, South Africa was recognized
as one of the countries with the fastest rate of environmental decline. This is
of major concern and poses a challenge to Government, Environmental Agencies,
and all stakeholders involved in natural resource management to pay a watchful
eye on current environmental systems and practices within South Africa and
makes the need for action now, ever more urgent. The performance indicators and
issues raised by the Yale University study need to be taken seriously and addressed
so as to guarantee sustainable human and ecological development of the country
and its people for generations to come.  

Posted: 3/8/2012 (5:01:45 AM)

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