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2012 Enviro-Calendar

The Year of Special Days is an annual calendar of conservation days or days of the year that have environmental significance. The Year of Special Days 2012 has been developed through Share-Net, a project of WESSA. The booklet supports educators and community leaders to make links between environmental days in the 2012 calendar and environmental learning in the school curriculum.

Here is the enviro-calendar and booklet for 2012. Two of the dates in the calendar/booklet are not yet confirmed National Weedbuster Week (tentatively set for 5-9 October 2012) and African Penguin Awareness Day (tentatively set for 12 October 2012). For these dates please phone the contact details given on the pages early 2012 to confirm them. Click on the below links to view the Calendar and p.d.f with an explanation of each day.

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Posted: 11/21/2011 (6:33:42 AM)

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