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The Climate and Development Knowledge Network (CDKN) has recently posted some of its favourite climate change videos on its website. CDKN’s videos bring you views, insights and debates on climate change impacts and climate compatible development from around the world. They include interviews with practitioners on the front lines of climate change, direct from the summits, introductions to climate compatible development and to the work of CDKN. The videos, that have themes ranging from the UNFCCC to the World Bank, and from pastoralists to green economics are listed below.

• Voices from the frontline of climate change
CDKN’s blockbuster, ‘Voices’, brings together witnesses from all over the world to show that for millions of people in developing countries the impacts of climate change aren’t a distant threat, but a present reality.

• Pavan Sukhdev talks about green economics
An insightful discussion of how countries can learn to value and manage their natural resources through green economics (interview in English with Spanish subtitles).

• In conversation with… Elvin Nyukuri, African Centre for Technology Studies
Elvin talks about how ACTS is helping rural communities take ownership of local climate projects and move from coping strategies to proactive adaptation.

• In conversation with Dr. Atiq Rahman, Executive Director, Bangladesh Centre for Advanced Studies
Dr. Rahman, recipient of the UN award, ‘Champions of the Earth 2008’, talks to CDKN about the strategies Bangladesh is taking to bridge the gap between climate research and policy.

• Climate compatible development – towards solutions: a special CDKN film
A short film looking at the tasks facing communities and government in developing climate-compatible solutions to growth and adaptation.

• CDKN interviews Andrew Steer, World Bank Special Envoy for Climate Change
Andrew Steer sets out the World Bank’s vision of climate compatible development and surveys achievements to date.

• Mark Bynoe, representing CARICOM
Mark introduces CARICOM, one of CDKN’s implementing partners, and talks about their research on the environmental and social implications of climate change in the Caribbean.

• Umoro Godana, Pastoralist Integrated Support Programme
Rural pastoralist communities are on the front line of climate impacts. Umoro talks about how we can work with pastoralist communities to communicate the causes behind changing weather patterns, and tackle their effects.

• Omar Taukon, Care International
Omar nous parle des réponses immédiates et longtermes aux conséquences du changement climatique en Niger, un pays ou des crises alimentaires affectent des Nigérians deux années sur trois.

• Marco Chiu, negociador para la delgacion de Ecuador
Marco nos comenta sobre el programa de Adaptación al cambio climático que se está poniendo en marcha en Ecuador a través de procesos participativos en las comunidades.

To view these videos on the CDKN website, click on the links below:

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Posted: 11/11/2011 (4:25:59 AM)

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