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Biodiversity Expo 2011

Biodiversity Expo 2011

This year's annual Biodiversity Expo 2011 at Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens Visitor Centre in Cape Town was a hit with around 2000 school children from Cape Town and the Winelands attending. The Biodiversity Expo, started in 2008, is an annual gathering of various conservation organisations, projects, and programmes exhibiting our conservation work for a diverse range of target audiences including schools, local government, and interested public. It is rare to find so many conservation organisations under one roof and the Expo therefore provides an opportunity to engage with us that doesn’t come around every day.

This year CAP shared a large interactive stall with one of our partner organisations, the Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa (WESSA). We took the International Year of the Forest as our theme and displayed information on forests, carbon sequestration, deforestation, and timber plantations. we screened a video of forest images and had a large tree on one wall which children could draw leaves and animals on to. The expo ran from 5 – 8 May.

Click the image to enlarge:
Click the image to enlarge: The CAP WESSA Stall at Biodiversity Expo 2010
The CAP WESSA Stall at Biodiversity Expo 2010
Posted: 4/15/2011 (8:05:30 AM)

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